Lita B.V is a family business formed by three siblings, born in Venezuela and willing to adapt and live around the world without any hesitation. Lita B.V is the result of years of experience as entrepreneurs in different areas.


We grew up in a thriving Venezuela, in which our parents were an example of work and dedication. They taught us values of honesty, perseverance, and being open to help others. But above all; that family is a priority.


In these days of complete hustle and bustle and reinvention by humans, we as a family remembered the power of working together and the value of a family business. So as always, we got down to work, to find a business system in which each one of us could contribute our greatest talent and the greatest benefit to society. This is how Lita B.V was born, a company that is dedicated to developing brands with the highest quality products at competitive prices.


Based in Colombia, a coffee-producing country and also based on the beautiful island of Curacao, which is the headquarter around the world.


Lita Bv is a family that was born with three and by now was multiplied so much that the number of its members is impossible to count. What each member can surely express and feel, is the love and excellence in each Lita product and the brand on its own.


Bring joy to the lives of our consumers with the development of high-quality products at a competitive price and at the same time, satisfying their taste and needs.


Create the largest family in the world. In which we share products and brands of quality and excellence that fill our hearts with love.

Family-based values

The family is the main axis of society. For being the first nucleus in which a person belongs to and offers the best of themself.

The united family achieves all its goals.

Family is an unconditional love based on honesty and integrity.

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How we live our values


The energetic and responsible work, allows us to be attentive to the needs of our family, in order to respond with quality products and excellence. The love for our family allows us to do our best without hesitation.


Belonging to a family implies permanent construction. We believe and work in continuous progress. To guarantee the quality and excellence of our products and brands today, tomorrow, and always.


In the union of family, there is strength, and the only guarantee to achieve success is taking advantage of the maximum talent of each one of our family members to be victorious in difficult times and enjoy the good times.


Coffee Abuelita Lita is for any time of the day and drinking a cup makes you feel like the love of family. There is nothing else like waking up to the unique aroma of Abuelita Lita and drinking a cup before starting your day. With Abuelita Lita, we have managed to gather the best production of Colombian coffee. The best coffee beans have been selected and we have achieved the exact way of roasting and grinding. You can drink the result at any time of the day, the best flavor full of love.

Willemstad, Curaçao
5999 6852327
Bogotá, Colombia

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